If you are interested in detailed changelogs, this page is for you.

Version 4.3.0 1/1/2019

Happy new year~! 🎉 To kick off 2019, Sandra has been updated to bring you even more features. Unfortunately, along with this update the current dashboard will be retired. This is due to the increasing difficulty maintaining the broken PHP environment this website was created in. In the near future the website will get a fresh coat of paint and a rewrite using NodeJS. Cheers!

Version 4.2.2 11/25/2018

Based on the negative feedback on our changes to the prefix system, they have been reverted and you can now set multiple prefixes again.

Version 4.2.1 11/23/2018

With our new update model, all of these changes have been rolled out as they were finished instead of all at once. Some of these additions were suggested by members of the community almost a year ago, but with the new update model they can be worked on relatively quickly.

As for prefixes, they might need a bit of an explanation. Instead of being able to add custom prefixes like before, now you can only change the prefix. This streamlines the prefix system and prevents other prefixes from interfering with other bots. We will be listening to your feedback about this change and may bring back the possibility to set more than one.

Version 4.2.0 10/08/2018

After 5 months of blood, sweat, and tears, update 420 is here. This update is pretty exciting, not only are there 3 new features, but the entire command system was rewritten to allow for some pretty neat stuff. In most commands where you previously needed to mention someone, you can now just type part of their username or nickname!

Version 4.1.4 09/26/2018

An actual update is on the way, but in the meantime this release updates a few internal IDs used to display the custom emotes throughout the bot.

Version 4.1.3 05/23/2018

This release fixes a major bug that, thankfully, our user base didn't exploit. The bug in question is explained on this trello card. This release was delayed because of the point in production it was fixed, but I have realized the severity of this particular bug required immediate mediation. On a side note, it's a good thing none of you read the trello...

Version 4.1.2 04/22/2018

Fixes some minor permission requirements that weren't necessary.

Version 4.1.1 04/22/2018

This update brings command categories, two new commands, and plenty of bug fixes. A detailed list follows below:

Version 4.1.0 04/07/2018

This past week has been very slow, sometimes taking 30 minutes to respond. The root cause was our threadpool getting backed up with SQL DELETE commands. Forget SQL, we have moved on to Redis and implemented an internal cache!

Version 4.0.1 04/05/2018

This release contains minor bug fixes and tweaks to bring you a better experience! A detailed list follows below:

Version 4.0.0 03/25/2018

I won't even attempt to create a change log for this version. Sandra was essentially rewritten from scratch, many times.