The essence of a chat bot

Arguments surrounded by [] are optional, and <> are required! In a list (create | delete | rename | roles) of arguments, you can only pick one.

Command Description Usage Aliases
audit Log of changes made to Sandra in the server s.audit auditlog, log
commands List of Sandra's commands s.commands cmd, cmds
config Configure Sandra's integral settings s.config c, settings
feedback Provide the developers feedback on Sandra [feedback] bug, request, submit, suggest, suggestion
help View basic quick-start information h, halp, icoulduseahand, invite, links, support
information List of Sandra's build statistics s.information about, info, stats, v, version
ping Sends a ping to test Sandra's connection pong
premium Help support development s.premium donate, patreon, paypal
trello View Sandra's development process s.trello [search terms] None
updates View Sandra's changelog s.updates changes, changelog, update
Command Description Usage Aliases
8ball Seek guidance from the Spherical One s.8ball <question> None
cat Gets a random cat from the interwebs None
choose Picks one of your words from a hat s.choose <options...> pick
clap Have Sandra emphasize your important argument s.clap [text] None
color View a hex code or get a random color s.color [color name, hex code, or mention] hex
dog Gets a random doggo from cyberspace None
excuse What is taking so long on that Sandra update s.excuse None
flip Flips an imaginary coin s.flip coin, coinflip
fortune View your daily, highly accurate fortune s.fortune None
google Google a Google search using Google <search terms> find, g, search
guildchat Connect to another server and chat with its users s.guildchat chat, gc
image Pulls the specified image from the world wide web s.image <search terms> i
mock tHiS cOmManD iS sUcH a GoOd IdEa s.mock <text> None
reverse edivorp uoy txet eht sesreveR s.reverse <text to reverse> None
roll Roll from a set of imaginary dice s.roll [bound] random
ship Ship two lovebirds s.ship <user> [user] love
time View the time at a specified location on the globe s.time [location] None
urban Helps define that cool kid vernacular s.urban u, ud
waifu Your waifu is garbage s.waifu [user] None
Command Description Usage Aliases
inventory View the items you own s.inventory [user] inv, items
mine Go mining for treasures and riches s.mine None
shop Purchase items for use in the server [item name] [quantity] buy, store
Command Description Usage Aliases
ban Ban a user from the server s.ban [!silent] [!keep] <user> [reason] b, bean
clear Prune a specified number of messages in a channel s.clear <number of messages to delete> clean, delete, nuke, prune, purge
kick Kick a user from the server s.kick [!silent] <user> [reason] k
lock Prevent or allow members from talking in a channel s.lock [channel] None
mute Mute a user for a specified duration s.mute <user | !update> [mute duration] [reason] None
mutes Shows active user mutes in the server s.mutes muted
slowmode Activate Discord slowmode in a channel s.slowmode [delay] sm
unban Unban a user from the server s.unban <@mention or id> unbean
unmute Unmute a user in the server s.unmute <user> None
voicekick Kick a user from a voice channel s.voicekick <user> vckick, vk
warn Warn a user in the server s.warn <user> [reason] w
warnings Show a user's warn history s.warnings [!clearall | !clear] [user] warns
Command Description Usage Aliases
dj Limit music commands to a specified role None
move Move tracks in the queue to the desired order s.move <song to move> <new position> m
nowplaying View the track that is currently playing s.nowplaying np, playing
pause Pauses or resumes the track s.pause None
play Add tracks to the queue via link or search query [search query or url] join, p, summon
playnow Play a track instantly without adding it to the queue s.playnow [search query or url] pn
priority Toggles Sandra's Priority Speaker permission s.priority None
queue View the queued tracks in the server s.queue q
remove Remove a track from the queue s.remove <!all | song number> r
repeat Toggles repeat mode for the track playing s.repeat [!all] loop
seek Seek to a specified time in the track <timestamp> s
shuffle Shuffles the queue order s.shuffle None
skip Skip a track or multiple tracks in the queue s.skip next
stop Resets the queue and disconnects Sandra from the voice channel s.stop die, disconnect, fuckoff, leave
volume Control Sandra's playback volume s.volume [new volume] vol
Command Description Usage Aliases
avatar View a user's profile picture s.avatar [user] a, av, pfp
balance View a user's amount of money s.balance [user] $, bal, credits, money
daily Provides welfare if your balance is less than $100 s.daily welfare
editprofile Configure your user settings and profile s.editprofile edit, uc
global View the global leaderboard and your ranking [user] globalrank, globaltop, grank, gtop
level View your current level and ranking in the server s.level [user] lvl, rank
profile View a user's profile s.profile [user] pr
ranks View the server's ranks, rewards, and remaining XP s.ranks [!sync | user] levels, tiers
reputation Give reputation to a user s.reputation [user] rep
top View the server's leaderboard and your ranking 10, leaderboard, top10
transfer Transfer funds to another user s.transfer <user> <amount> pay, send
Command Description Usage Aliases
bots View a list of bots in this server s.bots botlist
channels View a list of channels in this server s.channels channellist, cs
emoteeditor Edit server emotes via commands s.emoteeditor <create | delete | rename | roles <add | remove> <role name or id>> <emote> ee
emoteinfo View info about a specified emote s.emoteinfo <emote or characters> emote, ei, einfo
emotes Pulls a list of the server's emotes s.emotes emotelist, es
membercount View the server's member count s.membercount mc
nickname Change a user's nickname via commands s.nickname [@mention or id] [new nickname] nick
pin Pin the latest message or a specified message via keywords [message ID or keywords] None
prefix View or edit the server's prefixes s.prefix [!reset] [prefix to add or remove] prefixes
replies View this server's replies s.replies None
report Report inappropriate Guild Chat content None
role Create self-assignable roles and assign them to yourself s.role [!add | !giveall | !givebots | !remove | !removeall | !removebots | !reset] [role name, mention, or id] iam, roles, sar
roleinfo View information about a role s.roleinfo [role name, mention, or id] ri, rinfo
rolelist View a list of roles in this server s.rolelist rs
servereditor Edit server settings via commands s.servereditor <channel [#channel] | icon | name <new name> | region <region name>> se
serverinfo View info about the server s.serverinfo si, sinfo
shards View a list of shards and their stats s.shards shard
steal Display the most recent or a specified message's emotes s.steal [message id] None
topic View or set the current channel's topic s.topic [!reset | topic to set] None
unpin Unpin the latest pinned message s.unpin None
usage View the most-used commands in the session s.usage uses
userinfo View info about a user s.userinfo [user] ui, uinfo
voices View a list of voice channels in this server s.voices vcs, voicechannels, voicelist
Command Description Usage Aliases
spank No help available s.spank None
weeb Pulls a random weeb image command from below s.weeb [type] Use s.weeb to view aliases