The essence of a chat bot

Arguments surrounded by [] are optional, and <> are required! In a list (create | delete | rename | roles) of arguments, you can only pick one.

Command Description Usage Aliases
8ball Summon the Magic 8 Ball to fix your problems s.8ball <question> None
avatar View any user's avatar s.avatar [user] a, av
cat Gets a random cat from the internet None
choose Randomly picks options you give s.choose <options...> pick
clap If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! s.clap [text] None
dog Gets a random dog from the internet None
excuse Reasons that Sandra's releases are far and few between s.excuse None
flip Flip an imaginary coin s.flip coin, coinflip
fortune Get your fortune. You only get one a day! s.fortune None
guildchat Chat with another server in this channel s.guildchat chat, gc
mine Use your pickaxe to mine for cash s.mine None
reverse Reverses the text you provide s.reverse <text to reverse> None
roll Roll a random number between 1 and 6 s.roll [bound] random
ship View your chances with someone s.ship <@mention> [@mention] None
snowy Here's a command in memory of Snowy, our most hated staff member s.snowy None
spank doesn't have this yet s.spank None
waifu Insult someone's waifu like never before s.waifu [user] None
weeb Central file for weeb commands s.weeb Use s.weeb to view aliases
Command Description Usage Aliases
ban Ban a user and delete the last day of their messages s.ban [!silent] [!keep] <@mention or id> [reason] b, bean
clear Quickly delete messages in bulk s.clear <number of messages to delete> clean, delete, nuke, prune, purge
kick Use your new timberland boots to kick some kiddos s.kick [!silent] <@mention or id> [reason] k
mute Mute the script kiddy that won't shut up s.mute <@mention or id | !update> [mute duration] [reason] None
mutes View a menu of the active timed mutes in this server s.mutes None
slowmode Change or reset the slowmode for this channel s.slowmode [delay] sm
unban Unban a user that is banned s.unban <@mention or id> unbean
unmute Unmute a member that is muted s.unmute <@mention or id> None
voicekick Forcefully disconnect a user from a voice channel s.voicekick [user] vckick, vk
warn Notify and record users of an infraction s.warn <@mention or id> [reason] w
warnings View a member's warn history s.warnings [!clearall | !clear] [user] warns
Command Description Usage Aliases
pause Pause or resume the player s.pause None
play Add music to the queue or resume the player [search query or url] join, p, playnow, pn
playing View the song that is now playing s.playing np
priority Toggle Sandra's priority speaker s.priority None
queue View the queued songs in this server s.queue [page number] q
remove Remove a song from the queue s.remove <!all | song number> r
repeat Toggle repeat mode for the current song s.repeat loop
repeatall Toggle repeat mode for the entire queue s.repeatall loopall
shuffle Shuffle the songs in the queue s.shuffle None
skip Skip the currently playing track s.skip next
stop Reset the player and disconnect Sandra from the voice channel s.stop die, disconnect, fuckoff, leave
volume No help available s.volume [new volume] vol
Command Description Usage Aliases
balance View any user's balances for each currency s.balance [user] $, bal, credits, money
color View hex colors or generate a random one s.color [color name or hex code] hex
commands View a list of Sandra's commands s.commands cmd, cmds
config Configure settings and features for this server s.config c
daily Apply for welfare if your balance is below $100 s.daily welfare
donate Looking to help us out and get some perks? s.donate patreon, paypal
emoteeditor Easily edit this server's emotes even from mobile s.emoteeditor <create | delete | rename | roles <add | remove> <role name or id>> <emote> ee
emoteinfo View information about the provided emote or characters s.emoteinfo <emote or characters> emote, ei, einfo
emotes View this server's emotes s.emotes None
equip Equip an item from your inventory s.equip <item name> None
feedback Easily provide constructive feedback to Sandra's developers [feedback] bug, request, submit, suggest, suggestion
global View the global leaderboard and your ranking [user] globalrank, globaltop, grank, gtop
google Search the internet with Google <search terms> g, search
help Self explanatory h, halp, icoulduseahand, invite, links, support
image Search the web for images! s.image <search terms> i
information View information about this bot s.information about, info, stats, v, version
inventory View the contents of a user's inventory s.inventory [user] inv, items
membercount View how many members this server has s.membercount mc
nickname Easily change your nickname even from mobile s.nickname [@mention or id] [new nickname] nick
pin Pin the latest message or search for the message [message ID or keywords] None
ping See how slow my bot is pong
prefix View or edit the prefixes for this server s.prefix [!reset] [prefix to add or remove] prefixes
profile View a user's profile s.profile [user] None
rank View your ranking in the server's leaderboard s.rank [user] level, lvl
ranks View ranks, rewards, and remaining XP s.ranks [!sync | user] levels, tiers
report Report inappropriate content from guild chat <guild chat number> None
reputation Send reputation to a user s.reputation [user] rep
role Assign yourself some juicy roles s.role [!add | !giveall | !remove | !removeall | !reset] [role name, mention, or id] roles, sar
roleinfo View information about a role s.roleinfo [role name, mention, or id] ri, rinfo
servereditor Easily edit this server s.servereditor <channel <#channel> | icon | name <new name> | region <region name>> se
serverinfo View information about this server s.serverinfo si, sinfo
shards View a list of shards and their stats s.shards shard
shop Shop among our large selection of items [item name] [quantity] buy, store
steal Steal emotes from a recent message or the provided message id s.steal [message id] None
time Find the time at a location s.time <location> None
top Catch a glimpse of the top cheaters in this server [page number] 10, leaderboard, top10
topic View or set the topic of this channel s.topic [!reset | topic to set] None
transfer Transfer funds to another user s.transfer <user> <amount> pay, send
trello Get a link to the trello or search the board s.trello [search terms] None
unpin Unpin the latest pinned message s.unpin None
urban Define words using the "trustworthy" urban dictionary s.urban u, ud
usage View the top used commands in this session s.usage uses
userconfig Configure your user settings s.userconfig uc
userinfo View information about a user s.userinfo [user] ui, uinfo