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How do I set self-assignable roles?

To make a role self-assignable, use s.role !add <role name>. To add/remove roles from yourself, use s.role <role name>.

How do I mass-assign roles?

Simply use the !giveall option in s.role, for example: s.role !giveall members.

How do I set the welcome message text/channel?

Use the s.config command to bring up the menu. Then, select option 4 to access the configuration.
Alternatively, you can use the shiny new dashboard!

How do I give feedback?

You can use the s.feedback command to send us constructive feedback!
Note: Before submitting a suggestion/feature request, please check the trello board and search for your feedback to prevent duplicates!

How do I get hyped for new features?

Check out our trello board for things we are working on!

How do I support Sandra's development?

How kind of you! You can check out our donation perks and details on the donation page!